RepricerExpress vs BQool – Best Amazon Repricer Review

For Amazon sellers, one of the most important pricing points is all about winning the buy box. When it comes to FBA repricing tools you can find various options and each of these has their own pros and cons when compared. Choosing one over the other could simply come down to price, usability or personal preference. Thankfully, most repricer tools offer some sort of trial so you can test them out for yourself. To help you choose we have done a comparison below between two of the most popular Amazon repricer software, RepricerExpress and BQool.



This is one of the most popular and robust repricing tools for Amazon FBA and Online Arbitrage. This tool will help resellers to list their products and reprice competitively. Users who are utilizing this tool have managed to grow their sales and profit while saving time by not having to manually reprice each listing within their Amazon seller account.


bqool amazon auto repricer tool

BQool is offering robust solutions for its users to automate their process of repricing. It will take much time and effort if the seller decides to manually reprice each listing. BQool is making it easier for sellers to manage repricing tasks automatically or on a pre-set schedule. It will push the repricing strategy every 5 to 15 minutes and will help the sellers to compete for the Buy Box effectively.

Overview Of Repricer Express​

Here are some of the most crucial features which are available in RepricerExpress:

  • Buy Box and Top 20 Sellers information
  • Listing Competition
  • Marketplace Channel Overview
  • Bulk Imports/Exports
  • Bulk Editing
  • Sales history and listing overview
  • Automation repricing rules
  • Currency Settings
  • Shipping Rules (If MFN)
  • Scenario-based repricing rules.

Overview Of BQool​

Here are some of the best features of BQool for you to know:

  • Up to 5-mins Accelerated Repricing
  • Compete Against Buy Box Price
  • Customizable Repricing Settings
  • Insightful Listing Data
  • Schedule Repricing
  • Listing data analysis
  • Embedded price and profit calculator

Price Plans for RepricerExpress & BQool

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bqool pricing

All of the above mentioned RepricerExpress packages will come with the following common features:

  • Email/Live Chat Support
  • Multiple Marketplaces
  • Continuous Repricing

RepricerExpress will help maximize your profit for your FBA Online Arbitrage business and to help you stay competitive in the market and manage repricing tasks effectively.

The common features which are included in every BQool price plan are given below:

  • 15 minutes Repricing Speed
  • Compete Against Buy Box
  • Listing Available
  • Dashboard and Report
  • Price & Profit Calculator
  • Schedule Repricing
  • 14 day free trial